Know-It-All, A Poem

I’ve been accused of being a know-it-all more than once or twice.
But what’s so bad about knowing? That’s what I’d like to know.
I like to learn and share my knowledge, it’s not full of judgement and pride.
It’s not my fault if people find themselves feeling insecure inside.
Instead they could just open there minds and learn and teach me too.
I do know some but I don’t “know it all” there’s so very much I don’t know.
But if you know things I don’t, I’d love to hear from you.
Yes, I’ve know a person or two who can get very annoying.
Claiming to be an expert on every subject and boasting of high IQs.
But just because someone knows a few things and likes to share them with others, it doesn’t mean they’re flaunting their knowledge.
Please believe me, it’s true.
Some just love to exchange thoughts and ideas and have a meaningful talk.
What’s so wrong with that?
I try to just be myself and not care what others think of me.
But that’s not always easy and people should remember, those who know also feel.
We don’t need more labels and judgement or anti-intellectualism.
What we need is more caring and knowledge and to extend those to everyone.

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