Cherry Chocolate Cake, So Easy I Can Make It


Many months ago I wrote a blog post You Gotta Get a Gimmick and claimed the likelihood of me posting a cooking entry as “highly unlikely” which in my book is only slightly more likely than hell freezing over. (I guess technically this is a baking recipe but it’s all the same to me). Well, I dangled a thermometer down to Hell and while it’s not quite frozen it’s definitely getting chilly down there. The only thing keeping it above 32 degrees is that it’s the easiest cake recipe ever and it is a bit of a cheat since you use a boxed mix.

Anyhow, I was making it for my husband for our anniversary and thought “what the hay, all the cool kids are posting recipes.” (I briefly considered following them off a cliff but who has time for that). I got this from my mom, who got it from her mom, who got it from a newspaper article about a baking contest winner…or something. The important part is it’s easy and yummy. And it has cherries in it so it’s healthy (not based on any nutritional or medical facts). So if you’re a non-baker like me or just don’t feel like or have time for making something from scratch, this is for you.


Chocolate cake mix (whatever you like or is on sale)

Three eggs

One can of cherry pie filling

Preheat oven to whatever the box directions tell you to. Mix ingredients ignoring the directions on the box completely, do not add water, the pie filling is all the moisture it needs. Despite the extra effort I like to mix it by hand because the cherries don’t get as mangled but if you’re feeling particularly lazy or hurried feel free to use a beater or Kitchen Aid. Then put it in a cake pan (or pans) and cook it according to the box directions. If you want to be fancy or not get salmonella or whatever, you can stick a toothpick in it and if it comes out dry it’s done cooking. If you’re fancier than me you can take it out of the baking pan and layer it and stuff. Then frost to taste, preferably not like this…

In case you thought I was lying about not being good at this sort of thing.

Now you have a simple and tasty dessert recipe and the shock that I posted it. Next thing you know I’ll be posting cute little home decor crafts. Would you look at that, the temperature in Hell just dropped a few more degrees.

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