In honor of my daughter, little T’s second birthday, here are some of the adorable things she has said and done over the past year.

This time last year, although she had said “mama” and “dada” before, she called everything including us “doggie.”

When she was still nursing and just starting to talk in full sentences, she revealed her observant nature.
T: “Daddy’s boobs are yummy.”
Me: “Daddy doesn’t have boobs. Daddy’s a guy and guys don’t have boobs. Only girls have boobs.”
T: “Guys have nipples.”

Comforting Daddy.
Daddy: “I’m getting too old for this.”
T: “Daddy’s old.”
Daddy: “Yes, Daddy’s old.”
T: “That’s okay.”

At the pediatrician’s office little T kept knocking on the inside of the exam room door before the doctor came in.
Me: “Who’s at the door ?”
T: “The doctor……Dr. Seuss!”

When Daddy accidentally set the car alarm off.
“Uh oh! The car’s barking!”

She revealed her caring, helping nature when she dropped a toy cookie into the homemade toy pictured below.


She tried to get the lid off and on failing looked in the slot and said “Don’t worry cookie we’ll get you out!”

Demonstrating that she understands the concept but not the limitations of Siri.
(Holding a phone) “Siri, get us cereal.”

In the car, while I was lost no less.
T: “Uh oh! I can’t find it.”
Me: “Can’t find what?”
T: “I can’t find my car engine.”
Me: “Oh no, how are you going to drive your car without an engine?”
T: “That’s a good question.”

She loves the book The Last Basselope which ends with everyone saying goodbye to the Basselope then it flying away. We have another book called Wave which has no words just beautiful illustrations of a little girl’s interaction with the waves at the beach. When we get to the last page of Wave which is the little girl waving goodbye to the ocean as she leaves with her mom, little T says “Her saying ‘goodbye ocean see you another day’ …and then the ocean flew away.”

A debate (again in the car). It went something like this but much longer.
Me: ” Don’t make a big mess back there.”
T: “Mommy likes big messes!”
Me: “No, Mommy does not like big messes.”
T: “Mommy likes big messes.”
Me:” No Mommy doesn’t.”
T: “Yes, Mommy does.”
Me: “Mommy doesn’t like big messes. I hate big messes.”
T: “Daddy likes big messes.”

The day after her party at breakfast.
“No, balloon not (meaning can’t) have my spoon!”

Her absolute insistence that the below little girl is the below frog’s mommy.

Picture from Fisher-Price Busy House Little People Play and Sound published by Publications International, Ltd.

It’s so amazing to have all this cuteness in my life I felt I needed to share it with you, even though this is only a tiny fraction of it. I’m sure I’ll think of more adorable examples as soon as I publish this but I hope it brought a smile to your face.